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i write this personal statement in pyeongchang, korea, where i am working as a volunteer for the 23th winter olympic game. the purpose of this statement is to describe my wonderful personal experiences, motivation for postgraduate study and the career aspiration to support my application for msc in risk management and financial engineering (rmfe) in imperial college london.

as an enthusiast in travelling & backpacking, i have ever been to sixteen countries in four continents since i was a child. in june 2016, i attended thesummer school in ucla to learn psychology and r programming. during the twomonths, i visited los angeles, san francisco, new york and yellowstone national park in the spare time with several new friends that i made in class. after thesummer session in the us, i flew to brazil alone, devoting myself into voluntaryservices for the 31th summer olympic game held in rio de janeiro. i was grouped into a four-member team, exclusively offering operational support for chinesetaipei delegation which consisted of nearly one hundred athletes and officersin total. i was the only team member who can speak mandarin and the other threewere from qatar, united kingdom and greece. thus i behaved as a team leader to coordinate various issues among the organizing committee, the delegation and myteam. in these four short weeks, i had run into lots of random problems that i did not even know were possible to be problems. what really makes it such anexperience is that there was a real mix of people involved. i made many newfriends aged from their twenties to fifties from all over the world. it was this unique experience that earned me the opportunity for being a winter olympic game volunteer in korea in this month. i have grasped short dialogueand conversations of daily use in portuguese and korean. what i saw and heardand who i met oversea have made me become a global citizen with cross-cultural leadership, communication skills and international vision. it will be my core competitive edge to work in a multinational financial institution in london.

i am a self-driven and creative student who embraces change & innovation and proactively explores newly emerging and promising industries. i have been thinking about which field i should specialize in when i enter the workplace with degrees in math and finance. for this reason, i took three internships indifferent sectors of the financial industry, including digital marketing &analytics for retail banking, private equity investment in healthcare andmarket making & proprietary trading for financial derivatives, to look formy career interests. for the details of my responsibilities in each position, please refer to the cv attached. during the internships, i realized that i am passionate about turning financial data into actionable insights and enjoy the sense of achievement for problem solving and value creation. in consideration of work-life balance and getting advice from graduates of imperial college, i have set one possible post-msc career goal to be a market data analyst in bloomberg lp london. the role is responsible for collecting, analysing, processing and publishing financial data in one particular financial market sector (equity, fixed income, fx, ipo and m&a). it requires a strong knowledge and understanding of the financial markets and various asset classes as well as programming-related skills in vba, python and sql.

not limited to derivatives pricing, algorithm trading and risk measurement,quantitative methods and tools are being widely employed in the financial industry for data-driven decision making, such as portfolio construction, credit scoring, accounting data analytics, fraud detection, aml and the emerging robo-advisor services. my motivation to purse msc in rmfe is very simple – not for the purpose of being a quant or mathematician for pricing and trading, but to further hone quantitative skills that are frequently used in the industry and to gain deep understanding of the market, instruments as well as different sub-sectors & asset classes. in addition to core modules, i wouldlike to select “big data in finance”, “c for finance”, “amplify tradingworkshop” in spring term, and “computational finance with c ”, “topics infintech”, “macroeconomics and finance for practitioners” in summer term as electives. i also want to audit “international finance” to learn the asset class of fx. i will work closely with career & professional development service to apply for full-time graduate positions or summer placement in london. the realization of this dedicated study plan, however, depends on whether the admission committee offer me a place on this programme.

i am confident that my academic background in mathematics and finance enables meto succeed in this highly quantitative programme. i have achieved an overall average grade of 71% in the last two academic years and 72% in all quantitative modules, which meets the first-class degree requirement in british higher educationsystem. i have learned or will learn courses in statistical methods, probability theory, operational research, numerical analysis, differential equations and network theory. they prepare me adequately for studying financial statistics, stochastic calculus, computational finance and risk management at imperial. as a chinese student who are now studying in the uk, what i can contribute to imperial community is to assist fellow students from mainland china to quickly adapt to british higher education.

my international experiences and the innovative mindset can benefit imperial college business school and are a perfect match with school’s mission &vision as well as the spirt and characteristics of the metropolitan city – london. i look forward to meeting high-calibre peers in the coming september at imperial. this one-year journey will be the next opportunity for me to experience the world.




    不仅限于衍生金融工具定价、算法交易和风险管理,量化的方法与工具正在被日益广泛地应用在金融行业做数据驱动的决策制定,比如投资组合构建、信用评分、欺诈检验、反洗钱和智能投顾。我攻读风险管理与金融工程硕士学位课程的动机并不是成为一个quant或是一个专注衍生品定价交易的数学家,而是打算夯实一些业界常用的必备的量化技能,并且更深入地理解市场、金融工具以及各类业务和资产类别。除了必修课外,我打算在春学期修读“大数据金融”、“金融c ”、“amplify交易”,在秋学期修读“c 计算金融”、“金融科技选讲”、“实践中的宏观经济与金融”。我还想旁听“国际金融”这门课,来帮助我了解外汇市场。我将会充分利用学校提供的优质的职业发展服务,积极申请伦敦各大机构的全职和暑期实习工作机会。这一详细的学习计划最终能否实现,取决于招生委员会是否给我这个机会来伦敦求学。